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Last Updated: April 17, 2024 12:27 am

CNGmotive to work with CPKC on hydrogen fueling system

January 22,2024– CNGmotive Inc. is pleased to announce that Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) will be testing its hydrogen fueling system with the HGmotive™ Prototype tender (Tender). The Tender started operational testing on CPKC tracks in November 2023.


“We are honored to support CPKC as they expand development of the hydrogen fuel systems and decarbonize critical transportation routes,” said David Scott, President and CEO of CNGmotive Inc.


“We look forward to this collaboration with CNGmotive Inc. to assist us in utilizing hydrogen as a locomotive fuel as we work to create a lower carbon future,” said Kyle Mulligan, CPKC Assistant Vice President, Operations Technology.


The Tender will facilitate the use of hydrogen for fuel cells on freight locomotives and comply with all the safety requirements and regulations outlined by Transport Canada, The Association of American Railroads, Federal Railroad Administration, and Department of Transportation.


As the testing continues, the HGmotive™’ team is working on a larger capacity hydrogen tender.  The prototype is expected to be available for validation and commissioning by mid-2025.


HGmotive™, a brand name for CNGmotive Inc., focuses on helping the rail industry to decarbonize while delivering the best economics and reliability. HGmotive™ offers safe, clean, and sustainable solutions.


With its global headquarters in Calgary, Alta., Canada, CPKC is the first and only single-line transnational railway linking Canada, the United States and México, with unrivaled access to major ports from Vancouver to Atlantic Canada to the Gulf of México to Lázaro Cárdenas, México. Stretching approximately 20,000 route miles and employing 20,000 railroaders, CPKC provides North American customers unparalleled rail service and network reach to key markets across the continent.