Gases that help obtain

Zero Carbon Emissions

Your option for gases that help you to obtain Zero Carbon Emissions

HGmotive’s tenders comply with the most stringent requirements  like AAR 1004 side penetration and all the requirements in safety and interchangeability for the Rail industry in North America.

About HG Motive

2015 - Engineered Beginnings

In 2015, HGmotive (Formally known as CNGMotive, Inc.), co-founders, David Scott and Pedro Santos sought to deliver a low cost, clean and safe natural gas energy solution to long haul freight locomotives. Using decades of research and experience and their proprietary Chill-Fill® technology, they spearheaded a change for the fueling of North American locomotives.

2019 - All Aboard!

HGmotiveTM rolled out the first modern locomotive tender using compressed natural gas. This monumental moment, successfully brought compressed natural gas to the rail locomotive fuel market as a commercially viable and economically beneficial competitor to diesel fuel.

2023 - Next Stop - Carbon Neutrality

Safe – Economical – Sustainable

A new brand emerges from HGMotiveTM.

Introducing HGmotiveTM: the next tender generation for locomotive fueling technology to North America. The HGmotive tender delivers hydrogen fuel for line haul locomotive service in North America.

Our newest proprietary technology offers fuel handling and tender fueling superiority that not only places you on the emissions reduction track but maintains operational performance metrics.

HGmotiveTM offers advantages over other carbon emissions reduction strategies and technology. Join us in leading the global market. We are offering you the ticket to power the future. Let our success become your pathway to addressing emissions reduction goals and a key to carbon neutral future in North American rail.

HGmotiveTM is proof that we are ever more committed to providing the best fuel tender with the best technology for North America rail.

Let us support each other to power our future. HGmotiveTM is offering a revolutionary approach to sustainable transportation and its substantial economic impact is unparalleled. The HGmotiveTM tender offers the safest hydrogen fueling solution. Keep moving forward with HGmotiveTM and together we will erase today’s carbon footprint.